illuminated manuscript on parchment
16X21 cm, 128 folios, 1534.

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ISBN 88-86251-24-6

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The Passion by Nikolaus Glockendon

Biblioteca Estense Universitaria, Modena

not available anymore

This illuminated manuscript on parchment, 16 × 21 cm, composed of 128 pages, is dated 1534. The German text is in cursive Gothic script, and decorated with illuminated letters on a gold or silver background. The 42 full-page illuminations are divided into two parts; a central one depicts scenes from the life of Christ and another frames it with scenes from the Old Testament. Each page carries the monogram ‘NG’, the signature of the artist, Nikolaus Glockendon (1490 c. - 1534), active in Nuremberg. The Prayerbook is numbered among the masterpieces of German illuminated manuscripts and reflects the influence of contemporary Nordic masters – Dürer, Grünewald, Cranach, Holbein and Bening.

The Cardinal’s prayers
The iconography follows in the steps of popular traditional religious texts such as the Bibliae pauperum, while the text avails itself of the humanistic innovations of Erasmus on the Holy Scriptures. The purchaser of the codex was Albert Hohenzollern of Brandenburg (1490-1545), archbishop of Mainz and primate of the Catholic Church in Germany at the time of the Lutheran Reformation.

Facsimile edition
The Prayerbook, presented by Eugenio Riccomini, is printed on special paper. The gold and silver of the 62 decorated initials are heat impressed with lithographic overstamping for the engraving. The binding reproduces the original’s one, with its cover magnificently decorated with heat impressions, gold embossing and the clasps and studs fixed to the front and the back. The 128 pages commentary contains essays by Ernesto Milano, Leandro Ventura, Daniele Bini and Giancarlo Malacarne. This unique and world exclusive edition of 999 certified copies was realized in collaboration with Moleiro editor, Barcelona and Faksimile Verlag, Lucerne.


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