Papyrus scroll,
VII-VI sec. a.C.
length 18 m

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Funerary papyrus scroll - n. 1791 of Museo Egizio di Torino

Papyrus scroll of the saitic period (700-525 BC). It is a funerary ritual concerning the wandering of the soul in the other world. Champollion called it Funerary ritual, before Lepsius gave it the current title, Book of the Dead. Hieroglyphical red writing, in columns; black pictures are in the upper decoration; 6 main pictures are inserted within the text which is formed by 165 chapters. The text is the most complete one ever discovered. After it was measured for the facsimile edition, its size has been defined in 18,43 m in length and its height varies from 28 to 29,5 cm.
The facsimile edition of 7 copies was commissioned by the Italian Ministry of Culture: the first copy was donated to the new Library of Alexandria, Egypt, by the Italian government; six copies were reserved for national and foreign institutions that cooperated to the edition; other three copies belong to the archives of the publisher.
The edition was digitally printed on a specific paper in 4 fragments that were then connected to each other and covered with binding cloth that allowed to roll up the papyrus and preserve it in a special case.


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