manoscritto su pergamena
9 carte cm 31x22,5

ISBN 3-87560-029-0

Prezzo: 1.150,00

Abbey of St. Michael in Hildesheim

This unique
code, illuminated during the golden age of the Emperor Frederick II Hohenstaufen, was produced in the scriptorium of the Benedictine Abbey of St. Michael in Hildesheim (Germany, Lower Saxony) in the mid-thirteenth century. Luxuriously decorated in gold and bright colors, the work demonstrates the harmonious meeting of Romanesque and Byzantine with the first elements of the Gothic style and is the authoritative example of innovative artistic expression then known as Saxon style.

The manuscript
It consists of 9 parchment folios, size 22,5 × 31 cm; includes a complete calendar and two sheets illuminated with scenes from the life of Christ. The six calendar pages indicate, in ornate frames with arches, two months each, with the representation of their zodiac signs. The two full-page miniatures protected with silk veils present intensely expressive scenes on richly gilded backgrounds.

The facsimile edition
The international edition consists of 980 copies. The work is color printed with impressions in a 23 carat gold leaf, bound in leather, into a box together with the commentary volume in German and abstract in Italian.


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