Facsimile edition with commentary volume, size 43x30 in box

ISBN 978-88-86251-97-6

Price: € 990

26 lithographs dated 1841, private collection

The pictorial album of Friuli is a valuable collection of illustrations of cities, towns and castles in the Friuli area of the early nineteenth century.

It is composed of twenty-six plates designed by the Venetian artists Marco Moro and Ottavio Codecasa, printed in 1841 with the innovative lithographic technique on Bavarian stone.
The work is of great value for the refined stretch and the perfect printing technique of the Linassi typographies of Trieste and Berletti of Udine.
From the research carried out, of that single edition, which has become rare in a few years, there is only one complete copy, excellently preserved - jealously guarded by a collector -, of which we proudly present the facsimile re-edition, in the original format, 31 cm × 47, half-leather bound and hand-made to allow full integrity of the views.
A first print run of only 49 copies was reserved for the subscribers of the work. A second edition of 149 numbered and certified copies is intended for international collecting.

The album is accompanied by a comprehensive commentary volume, edited by Duilio Contin, focused on the authors, on the new lithographic technique and particularly on the 26 Friulian views, with a historical profile of the individual dedicatees, influential characters of the society of that time.

The pictorial album is not only a sought-after work of art, but also a valuable historical document for the architectural and urban environments it depicts. Each scenario, outlined with a warm expressive taste, is populated by characters portrayed in their urban or rural life, immersed in a serene atmosphere resulting from the romantic interpretation of the landscape.


1. Udine, Piazza del Vescovato
2. Udine, Piazza Cantarena
3. Udine, Piazza Cantarena
4. Udine, Piazza Cantarena dalla statua della Pace
5. Udine, Piazza S. Giacomo
6. Tempio della B.V. delle Grazie in Udine
7. Monumento della Pace di Campoformido
8. Chiesa di S. Antonio del Vescovado in Udine
9. Villaggio di Chiaulis
10. Abbazia di Rosazzo
11. Il ponte di Cividale
12. Tricesimo
13. Veduta di Tarcento
14. Castello di Villalta
15. Castello di Colloredo di Mont’Albano
16. S. Daniele
17. Gemona
18. Città di Pordenone
19. Veduta dell’interno in Sacile
20. Pontebba veneta e illirica
21. Lago di Cavazzo
22. Paularo in Carnia
23. Caduta d’acqua di Salino in Carnia
24. Caduta d’acqua di Chiaulis in Carnia
25. Veduta di Valdajer in Carnia
26. Veduta di Paluzza in Carnia


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