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The four centuries of the extraordinary history of the Gonzaga family is presented in these 5 volumes that analyse any aspect of this period, from international relations to heraldic symbols.

The extraordinary history of the Gonzaga is so rich in events, documents and pieces of art that the author can use them as he were there, living the same experiences as the Gonzaga, exploring the hidden heraldic symbols or the paths of international relations - that the author uses as thread of a research that reveals the evryday life of a dynasty and of a whole town within the frame of four centuries of historical events.
A new history of the Gonzaga, in which the micro-history of family events and of the duchy is connected to the macro-history of Europe and Courts and especially to the society evolving from Middle Ages to Modern Age.

An involving narration, always supported by a rich iconography, through which any of the eighteen Gonzaga is presented, on the virtual stage of history, as direct or indirect author of the most curious and striking pages of the path of a capital city.


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